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Windmill City was directed, produced and shot by two women (Maria Norris and Hersey Yuan) in two weekends with a skeleton crew ranging from around eight to twelve people and a budget of around $600 during the winter of 2018. Most of the crew were friends and roommates of the director who were local to the area and a handful were film students at Syracuse University, including the director, gaffer, key grip and cinematographer. 

Production: Story


The film features a variety of animation,

including drawn-on-film and 2D cut paper

stop-motion animation

The first and last scenes were shot on location in Lowville NY at Maple Ridge Wind Farm. All interiors were shot at a friend's house in the village of Solvay, Syracuse NY.

Windmill City is a senior thesis film project that was made in partial fulfillment of a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in film and transmedia, and was created in about a year's time from the first draft of the treatment to the export of the final cut. 

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Production: Welcome
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